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We’re helping London City Airport’s lovely new brand take off

by Emma Dunn 12th March, 2019

As London’s most central airport, London City (or LCY to its friends) has created a new brand identity and purpose to build a deeper connection with the city it serves. With dynamic and vibrant new look and a heart at the centre of the new logo, the new brand puts the people of London at the heart of the airport. This comes as the Airport continues to grow and appeal to a changing mix of passengers, particularly leisure travellers and East Londoners, as well as their established business traveller base.

We’ve been working with them to introduce the new brand to these audiences, talking to them directly in their language and the languages of the countries that the Airport serves. After all, if you’re going to say hello to a modern, cosmopolitan city like London, you might as well do it in as many languages as you can.

The new campaign has just launched across the capital in outdoor, digital and social media.