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We helped Leeds fall back in love with buses

by Stephen Carroll 12th October, 2018

What do you do when your city has lost faith in its bus service? For our campaign for the new LeedsCity buses, we decided honesty was the best policy.

To launch the new and improved LeedsCity bus service from First, we created an integrated launch campaign featuring the real people of Leeds as its stars. Under the line ‘Getting there for you’ we acknowledged that we’d listened to feedback and created a service that focused on our customers. After all, when the bus is on time, our customers get to work on time.

Digital and social video targeted customers directly on the route, giving the campaign a truly local feel, while OOH and radio helped show the whole of Leeds that their buses were changing for the better.

And to keep with the honesty theme, the campaign will adapt as time goes on. Improved frequency and reliability statistics will be built into the messaging as the data becomes available, showing the bus service is working as it should.