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Seen & Heard: June 2018

by Tom Sutton 30th June, 2018

“Hey Cravens! What’s been firing up your imagination engines this past month?” we hear you ask. “Why, how timely of you!” we cry. As luck would have it, we’re back once again with another issue of Seen & Heard. Step inside and make yourself comfortable while we enlighten you…

Batman Dance Party
Monster Truck Ninja

Batman Dance Party

A lovely little animation topped off with a pretty dark finish. We’re loving the claymation style of CG, and who knew Alfred had those moves? Crimefighting has never been so funky.

These little guys would make amazing vinyl toys worthy of any desk (especially ours). Make sure you check out the Batcave VR Dance Party follow up – Commissioner Gordon’s got it going ON.

The Last Jedi lightspeed crash
Thomas Flight

The Last Jedi lightspeed crash

While some thought it was a worthy extension of the franchise, others viewed it as an abhorrent piece of unnecessary filmmaking that succeeds only in sullying the good Star Wars name even more than that useless Gungan Jar Jar Binks did back in episodes 1, 2 and 3.

But regardless of your thoughts on the movie as a whole, we can all agree that the lightspeed crash scene was quite something. Thomas Flight breaks down the techniques which when combined, create such an impactful, memorable and visually stunning scene.

Brew Your Mind Brewery
Classmate Studio

Brew Your Mind

More beer… it must be the heat. Here we have a zinger of a brand and visual identity for Brew Your Mind, a small Hungarian craft brewery. Not only is the brand great, but its presented very well too. And those morphing blobs on the website are so hypnotic…

Acid etched textures, powerful palettes and impossible geometry – we’re all over this. Here’s hoping the beer itself packs as much punch as the packaging!

Check out the brand presentation over on Classmate Studio’s Behance page ›

Football Commentary, animated!
Nick Murray Willis

Football Commentary, animated!

Apparently there’s some kind of football tournament going on at the minute, so we thought it best to cover something kickyball-related. To celebrate the funny old beautiful game of two halves itself, here’s some clever little animated shorts using interpretations of some over-excited football commentator soundbites.

And if football ain’t your thing, Willis covers a bit of pro wrestling, some NBA and even famous movie quotes – check out the lot on his website. Just don’t get caught offside taking out extra time when you watch them… 😐

The Trash Isles

And finally, we couldn’t finish our monthly round up without a mention of advertising’s own World Cup (but with more champagne and caviar): Cannes. This year saw some big budget epics rub shoulders with clever social initiatives. One of our favourites involved creating a whole new country to highlight ocean plastic waste – The Trash Isles. A great idea and also perhaps the start of a new category for next year: Best use of Ross Kemp?

So there goes another little bowl of noteworthy morsels from the studio team. See you again next month