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Ladbrokes is the UK’s most recognised sports betting brand. But in the mobile age the brand was being left behind. So we defined a new organisational purpose that would turn recall into relevance. We found this in Ladbrokes’ strong heritage and sense of fun.

They’re the oldest bookmaker, with a sporting association just as long-lived. But we needed a brand purpose that helped make the iconic red betting brand relevant to a modern audience. By digging deeper we discovered that they love being part of occasions big and small, World Cups to Gold Cups, and are with the real fans all the way from the build up to the post-game wind down. So we built their purpose around this.

‘To big up the fun for everyone’

And when we say big, we mean BIG, with a host of larger than life characters and personalities that embody the brand’s sense of fun.

With a clear purpose at the heart of the brand, we set about embedding it within the organisation with sessions across all departments. Ensuring everybody understood on and off brand actions, and ensuring products, promotions, and customer experiences all aligned to our common purpose.

Brand partnerships and ambassadors can be selected, and ads and campaigns can make Ladbrokes ‘the occasion makers’ at every game and event on the calendar – from the World Cup to Cheltenham and sportsbook all the way to casino.

The results are impressive: Fastest growing brand in the category. Category leading ad recall and likeability, and significant increases in consideration, usage and share of wallet.

And when it comes to responsible gambling messaging, our purpose to ‘big up the fun’ meant we could go BIG on that too.

Cravens were a pivotal partner in a landmark shift for how we operated our brands in the Ladbrokes Coral business. Through their guidance and useful frameworks and research processes, we soon became a brand-led business with effective and efficient market positioning.
Alexis Zamboglou - Marketing Director, Ladbrokes Coral
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