Brewis Beer Co
Beautifully balanced beer
When Brewis Beer Co started up in Amble, Northumberland, they wanted a way to make their mark in the crowded craft beer market. So we helped them stand out by helping them stand for something: balance.

Talking to the founders, we discovered that to create truly drinkable beers you need to get the balance just right: Flavour matched by drinkability. Strength that never overpowers taste. Craftsmanship that always leaves room for curiosity. What better base for a distinctive brand purpose? Perfectly measured with a distinctive typographic style, the new brand identity extended the second of the two b’s in Brewis Beer to create a wrap around logo that brought all their bottle designs together. After all, a new beer brand needs to stand out to gain a following.

Our branding style not only brought balance to every beer they make, it also allowed the brand to dominate shelf spaces by having their logo extend right across every bottle.

This beautifully flowing design style also allows the fledgling brand to stand out on social media, making the most of formats like Instagram to showcase their products in an eye-catching way.

Of course, the brand purpose is also helping them get the balance right on their search for larger brewing premises with space for a tap room. Allowing them to share work and sociability so that everyone can enjoy the taste of Brewis from first sip to last drop.

Cravens totally got us and understood our passion for what we do. We were blown away by how they translated this through our branding and imagery.
Chris Brewis, Director, Brewis Beer Co
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