Where happy happens

In a category dominated by sign up offers and price promotions, how do you stand out as the nation’s favourite bingo brand?

By making your purpose all about player happiness.

We’ve worked with Gala Bingo for over six years. Giving them the purpose of being ‘Happy Makers’ to the nation, helping their customers play and stay happy. This strong sense of purpose helped inspire staff, and gave the brand a whole new happy way of communicating with players.

And to cap it all, what could be happier than a good old sing-song? We turned Gala Bingo into Gala-la-la, sung in the key of Banarama’s ‘Na Na Hey Hey’, a catchy tune guaranteed to get everyone singing along on TV, radio and digital. And an all singing, all dancing expression of happiness that can’t fail to make you smile.

Gala’s happy mission also helped drive the bingo entertainment through exclusive partnerships. From Coronation Street and Emmerdale to The Chase and In For A Penny, and adverts to sponsorship bumpers, we’ve helped align the brand with some of the nation’s best loved shows.

And we haven’t stopped there. We’ve been helping Gala leverage those partnerships with a series of competition prizes and experiences that money can’t buy. Beat The Chaser quiz nights, the chance to have your pet star on Emmerdale and the opportunity to fly off to the sun for a £50,000 bingo game are just some of the ways Gala customers have been able to play happy.

Our Play Happy brand purpose now stretches all the way from the website into the real world of our players, and colleagues, 24/7…365 days a year! Something our latest campaign brings to life in humorous ways. All to reflect the joy of gaming at Gala.

And it’s working. 5+ years of double digit growth, and a trolley load of industry awards. All ensuring the business is every bit as happy as its players!

Cravens have been Gala Bingo's strategic and creative partner for over five years. During this time their work has not only driven exceptional business growth but also helped nurture a company culture that inspires colleagues and customers alike.
Alison Digges, Managing Director, GVC Gaming
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