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by Adam Johnson 7th June, 2019

Dizzee Rascal collecting a curry for Mozart in a telephone box time machine? Kriss Akabusi landing through a supermarket ceiling in a sports bag? Frankie Dettori somersaulting off Horsey McHorseface? A talking personal trainer geeing the nation up for a huge sportathon on June 1st? Well, that all sounds pretty super duper mega smashing to us.

From Dizzee Rascal getting Ladbrokes Casino fans into a spin, to Kris Akabusi promoting the Ladbrokes ACCAs and Boostys, to Frankie’s famous dismount for horse racing, to our Personal Trainer (Also known as Jim Shoe) keeping sport fans motivated throughout our SuperDuperMegaSmashingSport Day. What on Earth are we going to do next?

Let’s just say 2019 has some big fun still to come.