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Cravens is open

by Lauren Henley 17th March, 2020

We work in an industry where we are fortunate that we are able to easily adapt to the new realities of working from home.

As much as we love our offices in the heart of Newcastle, offices are all about people. And our people are still hanging out, WhatsApping, G-Suiting and unashamedly SLACKing.

So Cravens is still very much open. Open for our people and our clients. Open to existing and new briefs, open to the new ways of tackling those briefs…and always….always open to ideas.

These are extraordinary times. A time where rightly the focus is on the health and wellbeing of our communities. We’ll all do everything we can to help.

But throughout this we remain open to our work communities in Newcastle and around the world.

Our people, our clients, our partners and freelancers. We’re here for you.

Cravens is open.