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Cravens is Hi, Hi, Hiring!

by Melanie Hill 3rd March, 2019

We’re looking for an Art Director, but not just any old Art Director my friends! No… we’re looking for a Lionel Messi, a Jimi Hendrix, a pair of radiator socks on a winter’s morning… in the words of Tina Turner, we’re looking for SIMPLY THE BEST! With at least 5 years experience in similar agencies, bucket loads of ambition, ideas that tickle fancies and work that floats boats. TV, integrated, digital, the next big thing – if you love it all, we’d love to talk to you.

But our quest to find great minds doesn’t stop there! At Cravens, we help our clients find or reconnect with their purpose, then use creativity to make it live. We call it ‘Giving Life to Purpose’. We are also seeking a Strategy Director, to lead our ‘Giving Life To Purpose’ projects. A senior position, reporting directly to the Managing Director, you’ll have enough gravitas to inspire change in a FTSE 100 business, but also the right amount of empathy to inspire change for a regional SME or local charity. Someone who understands the difference between organisational and brand purpose, as well as the balance between long term vision and short term delivery. Interested in playing a key role in shaping our agency strategy, culture and delivery? You might be just who we need.

Last but certainly not least, we’re looking for a juggler, an investigator, a translator, a timekeeper, a runner, a reader, a supporter, an analyst and an archivist! Yep, you guessed it, we’re looking for an Account Executive. As the junior member of the account team at Cravens your role is anything but junior. A hugely important first line of communication with junior clients, this is an amazing opportunity for a graduate to learn the foundations of account management within the advertising industry, with the occasional opportunity for travel. So if you have an incredible eye for detail, superb communication and time management skills and a vibrant personality to match, then give us a shout!

Please send CV and cover email to [email protected]